SMS Surveying provides marine surveys on all types of recreational powerboats.


A boat can be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. Let us help you with your decision. Seaside Marine Surveyors has a thorough working knowledge of the standards, recommendations, and regulations used in the boating industry, and the U.S. Coast Guard


As a used boat buyer, you need to know what you are buying before you make one of the largest purchases of your lifetime. We strive to uncover any structural or mechanical aspects of the vessel that may lead to unforeseen costly repairs and safety risks.


1. If vessel is to be hauled, it must be properly blocked and secured and the hauler should be contacted to insure the time and schedule. 2. Insure the vessel is prepared and operational for the sea trial.


SMS Surveying provides marine surveys on all types of recreational powerboats.

American Boat and Yacht Council
Champman School of Seamanship


A boat can be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.

Seaside Marine Surveyors can help you with your decision.


Sailfish Marine Sales Surveyors provides marine surveys on all types of Sport-fish vessels and recreational powerboats. A marine survey can help discover potential problems and safety issues that may impact the safety and value of your vessel.

We offer many different types of inspections and services to address your particular needs.

Pre-purchase surveys
Insurance surveys
Damage reports
Corrosion analysis
Sea trials
Osmosis testing

A marine survey is a visual inspection of the condition and operation of the vessels systems

A vessel has many systems that require maintenance and care. A careful visual inspection of the accessible components can help determine if the vessel has received proper maintenance or has been neglected. An inspection can include the following and more:

Hull and structure
Trim tabs, stabilizer, and thrusters
Thru-hull fittings condition and operation
Engines and transmission


In addition to these items, there is a host of many other systems and appurtenances that are unique to each vessel and may need inspection.

Many Insurance companies and banks require a marine survey to identify the vessels value and ensure its compliance with various safety guidelines as specified by ABYC, NFPA and Coast Guard regulations before issuing an insurance policy, or financing.

We Guarantee our surveys to be accepted by your bank and insurance underwriter. If our survey is rejected due to the quality or limitations of the report, simply have the underwriter (not the agent or broker) forward us a letter on company letter head stating the reason for the rejection, and the survey fee will be promptly refunded.

If you are ready to schedule a survey, or just have some questions you need answered, click on the contact us page to drop an e-mail or give us a call.